planBusiness owners, startups, and CEOs face challenges that require effective business planning and strategy. Developing a business plan usually means choices must be made, and that’s where it can get tricky. So, where do you start? It’s easy to get lost in tactical daily measures without really addressing the long term view. When problems continue, you feel the stress and so does the business and that passes on to customers and employees and that spells trouble!

Business Planning and Strategy Consulting Services

Our thinking at SVC is to not view a challenge as a negative, but as an opportunity to arrive at a solution to a problem. One of the wisest statements ever made, that applies to life and business, is to… “get your head out of the problem and into the solution.” That as you know is not always easy to do and it helps to have another professional or professionals that have been there, (done that), with an unbiased opinion to help you with business challenges.

SVC’s Business Consulting Services are designed based on a systematic approach to help you develop a sound and sustainable business strategy and solutions that work time and again no matter what you face this week, next month, or next year. You may be thinking that if you put things off they will get better, but it usually compounds the problems, so take a positive step and get started today and take some stress out of your life by putting sustainable strategies into play.

We can assist you with the many challenges facing business owners everyday including, but not limited to, some of the most common business planning needs listed below:

  • Business plans
  • Operational Challenges
  • Organizational Challenges
  • Financial Projections & Budgeting
  • Cash Flow Strategies
  • Sales Group planning and Consulting
  • Strategic technology acquisition and practical hands-on application
  • Acquisition or Sale of a Business
  • Business Legal planning and support


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