Below are three main areas of my focus, but if you need to chat about something different, feel free to Get In Touch and leave me a message.

Business Management System Implementaion

SVC’s founder, Frank (Z) Kamal, is an experienced Business Management Systems Implementer with direct experience in the successful implementation within numerous organizations in the past 25 years.  Frank guides entrepreneurs and their leadership teams in implementing the right tools to help them chart a path to running a stronger and more enjoyable business.

This service is right for you, IF:

  • You simply feel your business or your team is not living up to its potential, and because you want to get the most out of both.
  • You have a minimum leadership team of 2 leaders plus direct reports because our Business Management Systems focuses on optimizing the operations of leaders and their teams.
  • You have a proven product and market with minimum sales of approximately $1M per year because even the best-operating systems cannot overcome the challenges of a “bad” product.
  • You are open-minded, growth-oriented, and committed to improving your business, and you strongly believe in leading by example, because where the leadership goes, everyone else follows.

Leadership Coaching

Everyone needs a coach! As your coach I will be your impartial, unbiased sounding board, and create a safe confidential place where you can share and receive input from a professional confidant—a professional collaborator that is always one hundred percent behind you, in your corner encouraging you. During our one-on-ones my role is to actively listen while helping you achieve and gain some clarity about your life and business. Also, my entrepreneurship experience tends to help my clients benefit from insights I have accumulated by being in the trenches and from working with established and early stage CEOs and entrepreneurs. Therefore, my input will be a combination of Leadership Coaching and a collection of practical business strategies. The amount of business advice I offer, depends solely on your needs.

This service is right for you, IF:

  • You are an entrepreneur/founder in a leadership position.
  • You want to increase your capability to achieve short and long-term goals.
  • You are open minded, growth oriented and committed to improving You.

Speaking Engagements

Whether it is presenting effective business practices or just a motivational talk on a specific life/business topic, I am always happy to share my thoughts and what I know! If you need a speaker for your event, organization, team, or peer group, reach out, and let’s discuss how I may be of help.


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