See what people are saying about Frank…”

I am proud of the relationships I have forged throughout my years of coaching. I feel extremely fortunate to have been able to work and impact the lives of such quality people and companies. Their kindness humbles me:

Engagement: – Strategy & Business planning – EOS Implementation Campbell CA

“Frank (Z) is a business genius. His wisdom and foresight and ability to “see around the corner” helped us avoid pitfalls and grow faster than we would on our own. Besides being a great business mind, he is also remarkable human and endeared himself to many of our team members and still keeps in touch with many of them today. If you’re looking for the right business coach and consultant with a unique blend of head and heart Frank is an invaluable resource to have in your corner.”

Brett Jennings, Best Selling Author - National Top Producer

Engagement: Business Planning, Marketing Strategy – Palo Alto, California

“I have known Frank for many years. He is a great leader with the ability to motivate and focus his team. Frank is a true example of an energetic, result oriented executive with vast experience in establishing successful organization…”


Engagement: Operations, Mobile Social Media – San Mateo, California

“Frank is a natural businessman. He quickly understands the needs of both parties in a negotiation and uses this to his advantage to build lasting relationships. He quickly sourced and executed many excellent vendor relationships at our Mobile Social Networking Company. Franks only drawback is his support of Arsenal Football club .”


Engagement: Business Planning, Marketing Strategy – Palo Alto, California

“Frank has demonstrated smart business insight coupled with tremendous resourcefulness and efficiency in launching an E-commerce site. He is not only the founder and strategist, but assembled the team and has overseen every aspect of the execution. He is an excellent entrepreneur and a strong leader for an early-stage business.”


Engagement: – Strategy & Business planning – EOS Implementation Campbell CA

“Frank is an extremely effective mentor with a friendly demeanor. His leadership and experience brought our sales team to new heights. He implemented programs and software that improved our performance, revealed our shortcomings, and ultimately increased revenue. I wholeheartedly recommend Frank as a business coach.”

Sean Cooper, Real Estate Expert at Sean Cooper Real Estate Group

Engagement: – Strategy & Business planning – EOS Implementation Campbell CA

“I had the great fortune of working with “Z” for 3 years during his time at Real Estate Experts. I am a realtor, and Frank joined us as a company business advisor. From the overarching perspective, Frank came up with strategic ways for us to take our business to the next level to where we were able to begin to grow the business to the levels that we are reaching today. Frank helped us think beyond what we were achieving, and stretched our critical thinking process to bring the company to the successful levels we are at today. Personally, Z was a guiding light to me in my personal business as a solo agent on a team. He helped me see where my business was at, and pushed me to achieve beyond what I was achieving. He helped take my mindset from one of a job that was lucrative to thinking of it as my own personal business that is now flourishing beyond what I ever envisioned for it. Z is a true gift to life, and a sincere human being that cares for all that he does, and puts his all into everything. He’s also a pretty good soccer player!”

Tony Fery , Real Estate Expert at Tony Fery Group

Engagement: – Business and Organizational Management, E-commerce – EOS Implementation – San Mateo, California

“Anyone who works with Mr. Kamal will notice his tremendous focus, vision, attention to detail, and follow-up power with any project. He was a pleasure to work with and taught me a lot in the process.”


Engagement: – Strategy & Business planning – EOS Implementation Campbell CA

“Frank was a joy to work with. His mentorship was invaluable to me personally and our team as a whole. Frank’s leadership and experience were much needed, and with his guidance, we became one of the top Real Estate teams in all of the Bay Area. His strategic approach and road map were integral in improving our performance and ultimately driving our sales much higher than what we had ever achieved. I recommend highly Frank as a business coach and advisor.”

Dev Singh, Real Estate Expert & Founder at Amazing Stars Preschool

Engagement: Strategic Business Planning – EOS Implementation- Las Vegas, Nevada

Frank has the tools and knowledge to help any type of business move forward in the right direction. He consulted us with all aspects of our company; from management, marketing, finance, human resources, to reorganizing our internal operations in a more productive manner. Frank has a witty sense of humor and always managed to keep things positive. His patience and guidance were truly appreciated.


Engagement: Data Management and Licensing – San Mateo, California

“Frank has lot of experience in forming strategic partnerships and collaborative relationships which are critical for success of any business. He is fun to work with and has well rounded experience different aspects of business ranging from strategy, marketing, finance, legal etc.”


Engagement: E-commerce – EOS Implementation – San Mateo, California

“Frank’s contribution to our Mobile Social Networking Company was immediately felt. His prior business experience streamlined our procedures managing customer orders, prizing and inventory without breaking a sweat, then took on the challenge managing business relations and partnerships. I’d recommend him without hesitation as he would be a strong contributor to any team.”


Engagement: Ecommerce, Web Design and Development – San Jose, California

“Frank is extraordinarily sharp in internet commerce, marketing and knowledge of development. He is detail oriented, but with a firm grasp of strategy. On top of his skills, he has a good sense of humor that makes him a delight to work with.”


Engagement: Business and Organizational Management, E-commerce – EOS Implementation – San Mateo, California

“People work so they can live—that’s clear. But more importantly, most just want to know they have an impact on something. They want to work where it is fun, where the day goes quickly—where their ideas are not only sought but are also implemented.”

Frank Kamal provided this kind of environment. A true leader (like a soccer coach) He expected employees to make lots of decisions themselves. Yet no one can think of a time he has reprimanded someone when things didn’t go the way he expected. Instead, he and the employee discussed how to make it better next time. Kamal made a remarkable impact when he joined E-commerce Company, I am glad I had the opportunity to work with him learning something new each day!”


Engagement: Strategic Business Consulting – EOS Implementation – Burlingame, California

“Frank has been a coach, advisor, and sounding board for ideas and thoughts over the past three years. His ability to see beyond the problem at hand and look further is amazing. Frank is a master at asking questions to get you to find a solution to your own problem.

I have found Frank’s patience and calm nature very reassuring in moments of stress. I have seen him control a meeting with a simple question or statement, his calmness allows others to stay focused. He always makes sure everyone is clear on the outcome of a decision before moving to the next item.

I would welcome the opportunity to work with Frank again anywhere. He is a true professional that makes those around him better.”


Engagement: Strategic Business Planning – EOS Implementation – Las Vegas, Nevada

Frank- It wasn’t easy finding the right way to word all the ways you guided us. You came in with a task and not only accomplished that, but formed relationships, established procedures and implemented policies needed to work in a healthy environment.

We weren’t exactly sure what your position was when we first met you, but it didn’t take long to appreciate it and welcome it. You influenced us in so many positive ways. I’m not sure this is something you’d post on your site, but it is important for you to know how influential you were to us, to all of us. Thank you!


Engagement: Law Firm Business Planning and Marketing – EOS Implementation – San Jose, California

“I consider myself a seasoned and confident business owner and have had my own hand in various ventures for the past thirty years. Still, no manager or business owner can do without the valuable objective and independent point of view of a knowledgeable and seasoned consultant, at least some of the time, and if we are lucky, on a continued basis. Consultation with Frank Kamal has been itself a cornerstone of my firm’s strategy in dealing with numerous issues. It is fair to say that most major decisions we have made since our inception in November of 2009 has been the result of our relationship with Solid Vision Consulting and direct interaction with Frank. From long term strategic planning, to short term goal setting, to a step-by-step marketing plan; we have had his valued input. His advice gives me the confidence to implement our plans; knowing I have had that independent evaluation and perspective so necessary to vetting ideas, setting goals, execution of plans, evaluating performance, and reassessment. We could not do without Frank’s help.”



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