SVC’s team combines “real life” work experience with a very systematic approach to provide solutions to real business challenges. Our choice in working with smaller leaner companies allows us to deliver quick and strong measurable results. Having a clear business consulting strategy is the key to choosing the right services and developing the right tactics for your business.

Our approach to every change and challenge includes the following 5 major steps:

Our Approach and Business Consulting Strategy

  • Assessment: We have to know where we are before deciding where to go!

    The first step in our approach is a clear assessment of the current situation. This helps both the business consultant and the internal personnel better understand the current landscape and prepare for the challenge. Steps and tools used may include; Fact finding efforts, financial review, problemchallenge definition, and market analysis.


  • Planning: Where are we going, why do we want to go there and what’s the best way?

    The planning stage includes identification of what the desired outcome is and what needs to be changed for us to achieve it. This step also includes an evaluation of what resources are available to achieve this change. Steps and tools used may include; USP analysis, Mission and Vision analysis, Brain storming, Idea selection, decision making and PEST analysis.


  • Organization: How are we getting there?

    This step identifies the role of each element both internal and external in the execution of the plan. Basically, here we decide who is going to do what and also identifying what tools they would be using. Steps and tools used may include; SWATT Analysis, Gap Analysis, Core Competence analysis, Resource and clear responsibility allocation.


  • Implementation: Let’s start the journey!

    A critical component of any plan or project; execution! This is a measured and controlled approach to the execution of the planchange through organized accountability of identified resources. Steps and tools used may include; Establishing clear internal communication channels, Execution strategies, Project management tools, Action Item list and VMOST (Vision, Mission, Objectives, Strategies and Tactics) analysis.


  • Evaluation and Adjustment: Are we on the right path? Check the Map!

    This is an ongoing task preformed both by internal or external personnel to measure the effectiveness of the plan. This includes regular tracking and evaluation of pre-defined KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) to assure the plan is doing what it was intended to do and making the necessary adjustments to optimize the results.



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