Marketing strategy question; why does your business exist?


Why-existThis is one of the first questions I always ask my consulting clients. The answer, or the lack of it, tells me a lot about the mindset of the owners and executives. It also helps me understand how relevant the company’s marketing strategy may be to its customers’ needs. I understand that replying with answers like “to make money” or “to be acquired” may seem fine on the surface, however these types of answers usually point to a disconnect in the marketing strategy plans.

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Why do I need a Business Coach or a Consultant?

Frankk-Office-2When answering this very common question from executives and business owners, I often speak about how being in business is similar to professional sports. You need to perform better than your competitors and continuously keep yourself in top form to become the best at what you do. To achieve this, you need a coach. Have you ever seen a successful team without a coach? Even the biggest sports figures and business magnates need someone to help them stay on top of their game.

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Importance of Balancing Life and Business

As a new entrepreneur, you may feel that being successful is all about giving everything to your business. However, professional success achieved by sacrificing your personal life–and especially family life–may seem rewarding at first, but does not hold any promise in the long term.

Balancing Life and Business – Make it a Priority

History is filled with incidents where large business magnates have won over the world, but have been unable to replicate the same success at home. This failure imminently boils over and wreaks havoc on the professional front as well. After all, you cannot run a business successfully when you are unhappy. The delicate balance of life and business is very difficult to achieve, but it gets easier when you have a business consultant on your side.

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Does Your Business Really Need Social Media Marketing?

You have all heard of the companies; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google plus… and the list goes on and on. But is Social Media Marketing right for your business?  You may have seen many entrepreneurs dismissing social media websites as an unnecessary channel when it comes down to their marketing plan. The truth, however, is far from this. Every expert social marketing consultant would agree with me when I say that social media websites offer a great opportunity for people and brands to communicate, and it is a medium that every new and old business must tap to survive in this competitive world. This infographic ought to help answer some of your questions, check out these social media user stats from January 2014, (post updated).

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