SVC Business Consulting Firm

Solid Vision Consulting is an experienced and respected business consulting firm in San Jose, California. As business consultants and strategic partners, the team at Solid Vision Consulting (SVC) works with a variety of businesses and industries, from mid-size or larger companies with up to 300 employees to promising start-ups. We can help you establish an optimum and uniform business operating system so you can realize your full potential.

Mission Statement

We help our clients develop solid strategies and sustainable systems to overcome challenges, take advantage of opportunities, become more efficient and increase profitability.

Our mission statement is represented in our logo, our firm’s name “Solid Vision Consulting” and our Tagline “Delivering Strong Business”.

Our Philosophy

A Business Consultant must have the ability to take on various roles to address the needs of all stakeholders within a company or an organization. Providing assistance to a business requires a keen understanding of many interconnected functions that comprise the business–that must reach a synergistic state. We believe this is only possible when an organization has a clear and concise operating system.

Our philosophy is to combine the widely available academic techniques with our leadership’s real life business experiences to help our clients establish comprehensive and realistic solutions to actual business challenges.

Our Experience

The SVC team’s past ventures include starting and operating successful businesses as well as high level management and executive roles within various organizations and industries. Our real life experiences expand across an amazing array of businesses from manufacturing, services, Importexport and eCommerce to social networking. We have hands-on experience and knowledge of general business management, sales, marketing, expansion planning, customer acquisition, retention, and strategic Planning.

Our experience and deep understanding of various aspects of operating a business combined with our decision to work with smaller organizations allow us to make a positive impact in a short time.

Please browse our website to learn more about our business consulting approach. We look forward to helping you with your business challenges. We understand the importance of “getting it right.”

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