Does Your Business Really Need Social Media Marketing?

You have all heard of the companies; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google plus… and the list goes on and on. But is Social Media Marketing right for your business?  You may have seen many entrepreneurs dismissing social media websites as an unnecessary channel when it comes down to their marketing plan. The truth, however, is far from this. Every expert social marketing consultant would agree with me when I say that social media websites offer a great opportunity for people and brands to communicate, and it is a medium that every new and old business must tap to survive in this competitive world. This infographic ought to help answer some of your questions, check out these social media user stats from January 2014, (post updated).

social-media-networks-stats-graphic-courtesy-of-leverage.com_ Infographic courtesy of – snapshot of most important stats and data for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Let’s break some of the most common myths of social media that I have heard about when I discuss its potential with my clients:

  • Social media is just personal

The biggest myth among entrepreneurs about social media is that it is purely for personal purposes, where people get to talk casually and share their thoughts. However, the fact is that social media websites are a popular medium for marketing. After all, businesses cannot afford to ignore a medium through which their brand is discussed among people across the whole world.

  • Social marketing is child’s play

Another myth that I have encountered a number of times is that social media marketing is really easy. The fact is that social marketing is far from easy, and it should definitely not be relegated to an amateur social marketing consultant. When you give the responsibility of social marketing to such a person, you need to keep in mind that he or she is going to be the voice and image of your business. There are countless stories where interns have been hired for such a job and have caused a PR ruckus because they were too inexperienced to know what to say on such websites.

  • Social media sites have no rules

This is actually true, but only to an extent. Social media allows a marketing consultant to think beyond the limits that govern other marketing media, but there are still some guidelines you need to follow. These guidelines are simple and are actually good rules to apply in any kind of marketing scenario. Social marketing must neither not be over-the-top, nor must it be totally automated- in both cases, the marketing plan loses its value. You must also be sincere and provide value to your customer.

  • Social marketing is not for me

Although I have placed this particular myth in the end, it is probably the first myth that I have to deal with for all my clients. The truth is that social marketing applies to most businesses and to yours as well, unless you are running a company to build fighter jets for the government. Chances are that you are not involved in anything remotely close to that if you’re reading this!

Thus, you can see how important social marketing is for your business, and it only makes sense if you seek the services of an expert and experienced social marketing consultant for setting up and implementing a good marketing strategy.

Contact us for social media marketing services. Frank Kamal is the CEO & Principal Consultant at Solid Vision Consulting (SVC). SVC offers social media marketing, effective business coaching and consulting solutions for promising Startups and mature mid-size companies across multiple industries and projects. Click here to contact SVC.

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